About Us

Since the inception of the business jet, sleeping comfortably on even the largest corporate aircraft was simply not achievable with the current technology. Berthing seats are awkward to use, expose the seatbacks to damage and when finally made-up into beds, the resulting sleep accommodation is narrow and quite uncomfortable. If one wishes to sleep lying on one’s side, all the underlying seat shapes make finding a comfortable sleeping position virtually impossible, especially since studies show over 90% of people sleep on their sides. As you can imagine, not being able to comfortably sleep on one’s side creates a serious problem for the average VIP passenger.

A FLAT surface to sleep on is very important to achieve proper comfort and rest, especially on an overseas flight where the executive is expected to hit-the-ground-running the moment he gets off the plane. Unlike ordinary one-size-fits-all aircraft beds, the Jet-Bed is truly custom made to fit your exact aircraft MODEL by contouring to your specific sidewall configuration, seat width, seat height and club spacing. No other so-called aircraft bed manufacturer even comes close in fit, quality American construction and especially COMFORT!

After several years of design and engineering we developed the JetBed. The JetBed is light, compact, easy to use and above all COMFORTABLE!

Our patented designs allow the user to sleep in the type of comfort expected from their bed at home or a fine hotel. The JetBed is completely flat with absolutely no hard spots. It is uniform in feeling and firmness over the entire surface. The bed is created to the standards required of hospital beds used for burn victims, which need especially even weight distribution to achieve proper healing. This also makes for a VERY comfortable bed, especially in flight!

Fly Well-Sleep Well,

Michael Bosstick & Gary Bosstick
CEO & President, Jetbed, Inc