I have been chartering jets for well over a decade now and last night was the first time that I was able to sleep all the way home from Minneapolis to Los Angeles. The JetBed is simply amazing. Why all charter jets don’t have these is beyond me.



During my many years of flying, one of the most difficult things to achieve on aircraft is having a comfortable place to get some sleep. Jetbed has finally satisfied that need. The Jetbed is light, easy to store and use, but most importantly they are really comfortable, including being able to sleep on your side. We at Clay Lacy are using them on many of our aircraft and are adding more all the time.


Richard W. Hildenbrand, President – AVJET

You have a great team and a super product. Your JetBed is certainly the platinum standard in onboard bedding solutions.


Jakob Straub, Vice President and General Manager – JET AVIATION ZURICH

The patented design and custom fitting of Jetbed is unsurpassed in the industry and we are convinced that many of our clients will come to enjoy the benefits of enhanced cabin comfort.


Bob Cristiano, Director of Aviation Maintenance – TUDOR AVIATION DEPT.

Just wanted to send a quick thank you for the opportunity to purchase your great JetBed products.

Since owning our JetBeds, we have had numerous occasions to use them on many trips, short and long. The comments from our passengers and clients have been nothing less than praise for the outstanding comfort and relaxation that your products provide.

We particularly are please with your conference group model. The previous bed cushion we were using in this area did not provide the full length, support, and comfort that your bed affords, great design!

The crews as well have remarked about the ease of setting up and stowing both the single, and conference group beds.

Thank you again for help making travel in our Global Express aircraft a pleasant and relaxing experience.


Charles E. Reeves, Chief Pilot – QUALCOMM FLIGHT DEPARTMENT

Dear Gary

I would like to commend you for developing such a wonderful tool for use in our aircraft fleet. The Jet Beds are such a great addition to our cabin requirements.

The ease of deployment is certainly a plus but the comfort they provide is exceptional in the current choices we have for jet berthing. Compared to the “old way” of berthing our seats, the Jet Beds provide such an enhanced rest area for our passengers. Though we are new users of your product, we have had favorable comments from our passengers on every flight that we have had opportunity to use the Jet Beds.

Your custom design is well thought out and deployment is extremely easy. The self contained unit stores easily and is definitely a required item on all of our flights requiring a cabin sleeping set up. We are definitely a satisfied Jet Bed customer.




Dear Gary,

I want to thank you for finally providing a solution to a comfortable, restful sleep on a corporate jet.

For years I have tried to sleep in the recline position of airplane seats and they just did not provide much comfort, let alone a good soothing sleep. After trying your JetBed on a long overwater flight, I am pleased to let you know you have found the right way to make a comfortable and easy to use airplane bed.

As you know, I have flown in numerous First Class accommodations with major airlines throughout the world, and have yet to find anything comparable to your JetBed. The back support is superb and the size of the mattress is just right. Additionally, the quality of your bed is evident in not only the design and materials, but also the ease of use. I think you have a real winner.

Thanks again.



Please accept this letter regarding the recent purchase of 2 Jet Beds for our Gulfstream IV -SP. Of the many things so impressive and positive about the G-IV, one thing completely lacking was suitable bedding and quality of rest received by our passengers on long haul oceanic flights.

After numerous failed attempts at the other bedding options in the market place, I placed a call to Jet Bed. You were very attentive to our needs and kindly gave us a live demonstration and a loaner Jet Bed to ”test drive” after which we were convinced you had fmally figured out what others have been unsuccessfully attempting for years. Our passengers were amazed at the ease of set up and take down, the efficient storage bag and most ofall the enhanced level of rest they received on their first flight.

Seeing our passengers completely rested at the end ofa long flight was proof that Jet Bed was the right decision. Without hesitation, I would recommend Jet Bed to any operator seeking ease, reliability and quality ofrest for their passengers onboard their airplane.

Kudos to you and your Jet Bed staff for such a quality and innovative solution. You have surpassed all ofmy expectations. I wish you well in your future growth and I am eager to see your next line of quality products.


Terry Walby, Aviation Manager – CENTRAL MANAGEMENT SERVICES

Dear Gary,

On behalf of Central Management Services I would like to take this opportunity to tell you just how happy we are with the Jet-Beds you have made for our G550 aircraft.

Not only have we used the Jet-Beds for the main cabin, but we have had the opportunity to use your Jet-Bed made specifically for the Crew Rest area on this aircraft. Words don’t adequately describe the level of comfort that these beds provide to our passengers and crew members who use them.

The beds are easy to put up and equally easy to take down and when we compare them to the old tried and tired, self-inflating bed pads that came with the aircraft, we find that there is no comparable comparison to be made, because the Jet-Bed is just far superior to other currently available product.
Jet-Beds require no twisting and turning around of berthing seats.The cabin stays together and the Jet-Beds simply inflate and within moments the beds are completed and ready for use. How different from what we have had to deal with for the past 30 years!

We are extremely happy with these products and feel that they represent the next logical step in making extremely comfortable beds for this series of aircraft.

Well done, and we look forward to many years of use of our Jet-Beds and we eagerly await any future products that your company produces.


Bill Gross, Founder and CEO – IDEALAB, PASADENA, CA


I flew in your plane earlier this week on a red-eye from Los Angeles to Baton Rouge for a big presentation I had to give in the morning there. I brought my own pillow and blanket, thinking that I was going to have to get some precious hours of sleep either extremely uncomfortably in a chair, or attempting to sprawl out on the floor.

Needless to say, I was thrilled to see that when I got on the plane, I saw the Jet Bed spread out between two seats. I had often seen the idea advertised, and thought it was clever, but I had never actually seen one in real live. I think I was somewhat skeptical. That was until we took off, and I lay down, and slept completely comfortably, with my own pillow, on the Jet Bed for the full flight till we began to descend.

It was awesome. And it was crucial for my presentation the next morning that I got that sleep. Thanks so much for inventing it!