JetBed for Learjet 60

JetBed for Learjet 60 with Linens

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Price per unit - US$8,495

4 Year Extended Warranty - $395
FedEx Ground - $150
FedEx 2Day - $400
FedEx Overnight - $500
(Shipping prices are for contiguous United States. Please contact us for all other shipping rates.)

The price of the JetBed reflects the cost of JetBeds purchased within the United States

Lear-60 JetBeds come in two sizes; long and short versions. If the aircraft has less than 26 inches between the leading edges of the forward facing seat to the leading edge of the aft facing seat, you will need the short version. If the distance is greater than 26 inches you will need the long version.

The long mattress is 67 inches long and the short version is 60 inches long. Both versions cost the same.

* Jetbeds are designed for factory original interiors. Aircraft with after market interior redesigns may differ in specifications and dimensions. Call 858.395.6888 or email for quotes on variations and availability.