Technical Specifications


The JetBed bladder is constructed from a unique combination of ballistic nylon and urethane. Not only is the a ballistic nylon exceptionally strong, but it also allows the JetBed to retain it’s precise dimensions over a long period of time. The urethane coating is necessary for the facilitation of the electronic welding process. As normal urethane is highly flammable and difficult to weld, Jetbed has commissioned a unique non-flammable formula that specifically bonds to ballistics nylon.

The careful application of this urethane not only allows the JetBed to be electronically welded, but also meets or exceeds the requirements of FAR-25-853a. JetBed is committed to producing long-lasting, superior products that hold up to rigid company testing and the pressures of constant use.

Pressure Relief Valve

Each JetBed is equipped with an aircraft-quality pressure relief valve. This valve serves the duel purpose of preventing over-pressurization from normal altitude changes or, in the unlikely event of an emergency, a sudden drop in cabin pressure.


Although each JetBed is equipped with a “flapper” valve for easy inflation, it also contains a JetBed red cap, a unique attachment that relies on three independent seals to ensure proper pressure integrity.

Mattress & Zipper

Created from a fire-retardant material, the JetBed mattress is designed for long lasting comfort. It has been time tested for quality and made of dense foam that does not degrade over time. For safety, the mattress is wrapped in a flame retardant “flame sock” and then covered in a non-flammable jacket. The JetBed zipper is military grade and also fireproof. Should the need for cleaning occur, the mattress cover can be removed by unzipping it from beneath.


The average JetBed weighs in at about 18 lbs. Smaller models hover around 14 lbs, while those in the larger, double wide “Conference Group,” weigh approximately 26 lbs.

Carry Bags

For convenience, JetBeds are attached to their carry bags. They are not typically removed from them during use.

No Seat Berthing

JetBeds do not require seat “berthing.” Single size JetBeds can be installed and removed in as little as one minute. Due to their larger size and air requirements, doubles may take up to two minutes to fully inflate.