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Private Plane Fuel Costs: Fuel Budgeting Made Easy

Flying with a private jet is a sign of the luxurious and lavish comfort that comes with wealth and prestige. The world of private jet travel offers a safe zone where luxury, convenience, safety, and comfort converge seamlessly. While private jets themselves come at a hefty price, the cost implications of owning a private plane doesn’t end with just the purchase of the plane. 

Maintenance and fueling are two very important ongoing costs that come with owning a private plane. A good understanding of refueling costs is important if you are to properly draft a budget on how to run a private plane successfully without hiccups. Today, we will be looking at how much it costs to fuel a private plane. We will also look into refueling costs of some specific planes and factors that can affect such costs.

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plane fuel costs

How Much Does It Cost To Fuel A Private Plane?

Now, there are a couple of things to consider when trying to understand how much it will cost to fuel a private plane. The type of private plane you’re fueling is first on this list. There are different types of jets with different capacities and specifics and so it’s expected that this also translates to differences in fueling costs. Larger jets like Bombardier Global which covers considerable distance will consume more fuel than lighter jets. The bigger the jet, the bigger the fuel tank and the more the gallons of jet fuel to fill it. You can read more on this in our post on how far can a private jet fly without refueling

Flight distance and flight plan must also be taken into account when assessing how much it costs to fly a private plane. Flights that involve takeoffs and landings at high-elevation airports are likely to burn more fuel. The same thing applies with longer flights as you cannot expect the same amount of fuel that takes you from a private airport in LA to Canada to also take you to Australia. 

Other constant factors aside aircraft specifications that can affect the cost of fueling a private plane are number of passengers and cargo. After considering such factors you can then move on to other more central factors such as the price of aviation fuel, local taxes and so on. After considering all of this, only then you can get a picture of how much it truly costs to fuel and run your private plane consistently. 

private plane fuel costs

General Breakdown of Private Plane Fuel Costs

Bombardier Global 7500

The ultra long range Bombardier Global 7500 can carry up to 7,600 gallons of fuel. Its average fuel burn is around 528 gallons per hour resulting in an impressive range of over 7,700 nautical miles without refueling. These two factors of distance and fuel capacity and average distance-covered puts the Bombardier Global among some of the most expensive private planes to maintain. Refueling this aircraft would cost around $25,000 based on average jet fuel prices of $6-7 gallon.

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Gulfstream G650ER  

The Gulfstream G650ER is also another example of a large business jet. It carries up to 48,200 lbs of fuel, with a range of over 7,500 nautical miles. It burns approximately 503 gallons per hour, which places its refueling costs up there with Bombardier Global 7500 at $21,000-24,500 based on the same fuel costs.

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Embraer Phenom 300

The Phenom 300 is a popular light jet if you’re going for something truly private. It houses 7 passengers easily and  holds considerably less fuel than Gulfstream G650ER and Bombardier Global 7,500 at around 799 gallons or 5.353.2 lbs but averages 183 gallons per hour consumption. Refueling costs for this aircraft are significantly lower at around $2,400-2,800.

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Cessna Citation CJ3

The Cessna Citation CJ3 is another example of a light jet that carries 1,400 gallons of fuel and averages 149 gallons per hour. Ongoing fuel costs to operate this light jet work out to around $2,000 to 2500 per refuel.

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These selected examples of private planes shows you that the costs of fueling a private jet isn’t the same. Factors like distance, fuel capacity make ultra long range jets more costlier while lighter jets are more budget-friendly to refuel.

factors that affect plane fuel prices

Factors that Affect Plane Fuel Prices

Aircraft specifications are the primary factors that determine the fuel consumption rate of a private plane. Nonetheless, there are also some external variables that can cause considerable changes to your budget on how much you need to refuel your private plane. Understanding them will help you prepare for them and factor their fluctuations when budgeting your fuel expenses.

Oil Market Prices

When calculating the prices of refueling the private planes above, you will notice that one of the variables we factored was the average aviation jet fuel price. Oil prices are not a constant variable and so when prices go up, jet fuel costs do the same. Supply and demand are two variables that control price of goods anywhere and oil prices are not left out. You should also consider how geopolitics and speculation affect the oil market as these can significantly impact pump price.

Refinery Production Levels 

Be on the lookout for refinery production levels because the more fuel is made available, the more stable the price is likely to be. When refineries take longer downtime for maintenance, there is strong pressure on the supply lines and this leads to increase in price.

Regional Taxation Policies

Besides fuel-controlled factors, policies can also play a huge role determining private plane fuel costs. Import duties, sales taxes, and fuel flowage fees differ between countries and states, directly raising costs. Some jurisdictions also implement green taxes on aviation as well so you will need to factor these too when budgeting your fuel costs. 

Seasonal Demand Variations

Much like with other goods, seasons come with variations in demands and you’re likely to get fuel more costlier during the summer than autumn. Summer and holiday travel spikes drive up demand and pricing across the fuel sector. You will spend less to refuel your plane during other seasons so prepare to always adjust your budget with seasons.

Currency Exchange Rates

If you’re in the United States, this might not be much of a factor but if you aren’t, it’s something to consider. Jet fuel is priced in US dollars internationally and this means that currency fluctuations will likely shift the final cost burden for non-American buyers. Consider getting accustomed to your currency exchange rates when calculating your refueling cost.

Keeping in touch with economic shifts and local fuel prices is important if you want to have reasonable fuel cost budgeting. You can also sign up for fuel contract programs with private jet charter brokers so you can save on pump fees.

Cost of fueling private planes depends on the aircraft specifications and external variables affecting jet fuel price

It’s clear that private plane fuel costs vary greatly depending on the specific aircraft, operational needs, fuel cost per gallon, and variable fuel market dynamics. Budgeting means monitoring all relevant cost factors closely. With diligent fuel cost oversight, owners can make more informed aircraft ownership and trip planning decisions.

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