What is a charter broker in aviation

What is a Charter Broker in Aviation?

There are many reasons to charter your own private jet. From traveling on your own schedule to eliminating long airport lines and waiting times, flying private is ideal for those who value these significant time savings. 

In today’s dynamic and fast-paced world, it’s never been easier to fly private. Still, whether you own or plan to rent a private jet, you will need some assistance when it comes to the actual logistics of your travel plans. This is where a charter broker comes in. 

Charter brokers play an important role in meeting customers’ as well as passengers’ needs when chartering a private jet. But, what is a charter broker? And, what are they responsible for behind the scenes?

Today, we’re dedicating this post to discuss in detail what a charter broker is in terms of aviation, as well as what they do and what customers can expect from a professional charter broker.

What is a charter broker in aviation

What is a Charter Broker in Aviation?

A charter broker is a company that acts as the middleman between an aircraft owner and the client. When an individual would like to commission the use of a private jet or other type of plane, they contact a charter broker. Once they’ve received a request, the broker works on sourcing aircraft, organizing logistics, and communicating to all the necessary entities. 

Finding a private plane is no easy task on your own, so if you’re in the market for an air charter, a charter broker is the best way to do it. They can manage the details of the transportation while you focus on the destination. Charter flights using a broker for the most cost effective and streamlined experience. 

What does a charter broker do

What Does a Private Jet Charter Broker Do?

A private jet broker is acting as a middleman between you, the client, and the jet owner. However, these companies often offer more than just jet charter services. The charter operators provide the full flight crew, and sometimes the following amenities:

  • Chauffeuring to and from the aircraft
  • Rental car options
  • Hotel reservations
  • Security detail
  • Special on-board services like meals, entertainment, and amenities 

In addition to an all-inclusive, hassle-free experience, charter customers can also expect benefits from being a frequent customer. Charter companies offer “jet cards” to recurring customers, which allot a certain amount of miles per year at a great rate. Consider asking about jet cards if you plan to use the jet more than once. 

If you’re ready to hire a charter broker, here’s how to do it:

How to Hire a Charter Broker for Your Aircraft?

Know what you want before you look. 

When you decide to charter a private jet, don’t immediately call a charter broker. To make finding aircraft accommodations easier, the charter service will need to understand what you’re looking for. They’ll need to know your timeline, number of passengers, budget, etc. 

Get all your information together before you make the call to further streamline the process. 

Understand their background and experience. 

Ask about the aircraft operator and crew’s resume. Do they have any history of violations? How many flight hours have they completed? How often is training conducted? These are all great questions. So, to ensure your passengers’ safety, get the facts from your broker. 

Determine their niche. 

Every flight has different needs, and you need to ensure your jet charter broker can provide an aircraft crew that fits the trip. For example, if you’re flying overseas, your operating staff will need experience in international travel. 

Ask for details about the aircraft. 

There are many aircraft types available for charter. You can get something simple that’s seen many years of flights, or something brand new and totally state-of-the-art. Make a list of your must-haves, and bring them to your broker. If you’re not sure what you want, ask them for recommendations. 

You may want details about aircraft maintenance as well as amenities. Ask if the private jet will have a flight attendant, available refreshments, wi-fi, and jet beds. The jet beds are especially important if you plan on flying overnight!

How to hire a charter broker for your aircraft

Confirm the broker has aviation insurance. 

The aircraft broker needs to have aviation insurance. Similarly to car insurance, aviation insurance protects the private jet owner if the aircraft is damaged, and it protects passengers if there are any injuries during the flight. 

Read all the details of the aircraft charter broker agreement. 

The aircraft charter broker agreement is not something you skim over and hit “accept.” The agreement will outline potential problems and their solutions. It’ll outline things like what happens if there is an issue with the chartered flight and it cannot fly? Or, what if there is a concern or complaint with the operation staff? 

Clients and the charter company must agree on these terms for a positive working relationship, so read it in entirety. 

Consider the payment structure and commission.

Ask how everyone will be paid. How is the operator paid and what kind of commission does the charter company withhold? To properly understand cost, it’s vital to have a clear outline of fees and prices. 

Use a reputable resource. 

A charter broker service has a big responsibility to keep you and your passengers safe. Don’t go with anyone other than the best reputable companies. Here are a few charter services that clients have repeatedly turned to:

How to hire a charter broker for your aircraft
A charter broker is the best way to rent a private jet. 

If you’re ready to charter a private plane, ensure you’re utilizing a quality charter service. A charter broker acts as the middleman between you and the aircraft owner, taking out all the stress of locating an aircraft. They’ll take care of logistics too, allowing you to maximize your time and focus on what’s important. 

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