Can Planes Fly In Thunderstorms?

The weather is one of the most unpredictable elements that pilots must contend with. Likewise, one of the major concerns for many travelers is whether their flights may encounter thunderstorms. Thunderstorms pose an immense challenge for pilots due to their volatile nature. With powerful updrafts and downdrafts that can top 100 miles per hour, thunderstorms […]

How Fast Does A Plane Go At Takeoff

How Fast Does A Plane Go At Takeoff? 

Aircraft takeoff is one of the most dynamic phases of flight, as pilots carefully coordinate throttle, elevators, and rudders to maximize thrust and aerodynamic forces. Within seconds, a loaded aircraft must generate sufficient velocity to lift off the runway safely. However, different aircraft types have varying optimal takeoff speeds due to factors like size, weight, […]

What Is Single Pilot Resource Management

What Is Single Pilot Resource Management? 

During any flight, pilots are expected to juggle countless tasks from aircraft control and systems monitoring to navigation, communication, and decision-making. They must continuously analyze the flight environment, consider emerging situations, and manage all available resources while maintaining optimum mental and physical readiness.  For single pilots operating without a second set of eyes and hands, […]

Safety Pilot Requirements

Safety Pilot Requirements

While flying may seem like an independent activity, there are certain situations that require more than one qualified pilot aboard an aircraft. A safety pilot is an essential crew member who monitors flight operations to help prevent hazards. They serve as an extra set of eyes, helping the Pilot in Command (PIC) scan for traffic, […]

What Is Density Altitude

What Is Density Altitude?

Flying an aircraft is an amazing feat that requires careful planning and consideration of many factors to ensure a smooth and safe flight. Pilots have a huge responsibility to make sure that they and their passengers arrive at their destination without issue. This means thinking through everything that could impact the performance of the aircraft […]

What Is Aviation Power Curve

What Is Aviation Power Curve? 

In the world of aviation, maintaining level flight is a fundamental skill. Whether you’re a student pilot or an experienced aviator, the concept of power is paramount. Aircraft rely on power to remain within safe flight parameters, and mastering its management is essential for safe and efficient operation. At the heart of this understanding lies […]

What Is A VORTAC In Aviation

What Is A VORTAC In Aviation? 

Navigation systems are the lifeblood of aviation, guiding aircraft safely through the skies with precision and accuracy. In the world of aviation, various navigation aids and systems exist to ensure the seamless movement of aircraft. Among these systems, the VORTAC stands as a cornerstone of both civil and military aviation.  In this post, we’ll delve […]

How Long Does It Take To Deplane

How Long Does It Take To Deplane?

Arriving at the airport of your destination after a long flight can be a mix of relief and anticipation. It’s that moment when you begin to feel a sense of restlessness, eager to disembark and get traveling or simply leave the airport. After a plane lands, several important steps and processes unfold before you can […]

Why Does Flying Make You Tired

Why Does Flying Make You Tired?

If you’ve ever taken a long flight, you’re probably familiar with that overwhelming feeling of fatigue that often accompanies air travel. Feeling tired during air travel, often referred to as travel fatigue, is a common occurrence. There are several reasons why flying might make you tired, and understanding these factors can help you mitigate the […]

What Do Pilots Do On Long Flights

What Do Pilots Do On Long Flights?

Long-haul flights, for passengers, are often an opportunity to settle into a cozy seat, watch movies, enjoy in-flight meals, and perhaps catch up on sleep. It’s an experience defined by comfort, entertainment, and anticipation. But what about the other side of the story—the perspective from the flight deck?  Passengers rarely get a glimpse into the […]