private airports in los angeles

7 Private Airports in Los Angeles

Southern California, Los Angeles is undisputedly one of the world’s largest and most important metropolitan regions. Whether for business or pleasure, LA sees millions of annual visitors drawn by its thriving economy, iconic attractions, and near-perfect climate. However, navigating the region’s major commercial airports can often involve lengthy delays and tedious processes that cut into […]

how to read an Altimeter

How to Read an Altimeter: Types, Instructions, and More

Successful flying requires proficiency in operating various flight instruments. Among the most critical is the altimeter, providing crucial vertical separation awareness. As any pilot can attest, properly interpreting one’s altimeter reading takes dedicated practice! For new pilots, mastering the altimeter proves especially important given its role in collision avoidance and regulatory compliance. Improper comprehension during […]

Airplane Sleeping Hacks with Jetbed

9 Airplane Sleeping Hacks: Arrive Rested on Your Jetbed

Getting quality sleep on an airplane can be one of the biggest challenges for any traveler, no matter how much leg room or privacy your flight offers. Even flying on a private jet doesn’t guarantee a good night’s rest due to ambient noise, changes in cabin pressure, and disruptions from flight attendants.  As most frequent […]

What Is MRO In Aviation?

What Is MRO In Aviation?

Ensuring safety and airworthiness is of paramount concern in any aviation operation. With aircraft fleets comprising millions of intricately designed parts working in seamless coordination, maintaining these complex machines to stringent standards is an immense responsibility. Left unchecked, even minor defects could potentially jeopardize flights with catastrophic consequences.  Which is why dedicated programs focused on […]

tracking a private plane

How To Track A Private Plane

Flight tracking is an invaluable tool in the world of aviation for both passengers and those who will pick them up at the airport alike. Thanks to its up-to-the-minute updates, flight tracking helps to keep the minds of those monitoring the flight at rest from the suspense of not knowing an aircraft’s whereabouts. These updates […]

how far can private plane fly

How Far Can Private Planes Fly?

Embarking on a long journey through the sky in a private jet is the epitome of luxury and convenience. You get to experience the extravagance, speed, and comfort that come while cruising the skies and resting on your Jetbed. Now, while many private planes are largely smaller than commercial airliners, it doesn’t necessarily mean all […]

types of a private plane

9 Types Of Private Planes

Flying with a private jet certainly has a wide variety of perks when you place it side-by-side with commercial travel. With a private jet you get to enjoy luxury, privacy, safety, speed, and ultimately a less stressful flying experience. You get to enjoy spacious seating as a passenger while also avoiding the unnecessary delays and […]

logging a safety pilot time

How To Log Safety Pilot Time 

Logging flight hours is very important whether you’re working to earn your pilot certificate or build time toward higher ratings. Much like we discussed in our previous post on how many pilots fly a plane, most private aircraft require two pilots to fly safely and efficiently. Each pilot has specific duties and responsibilities during the […]

maneuvering speed in aviation

What is Maneuvering Speed in Aviation? 

Understanding aerodynamic principles is paramount for pilots to safely control their aircraft. Aviators must grasp fundamental flight dynamics such as stall speed, load factors, control effectiveness, and centers of gravity. Of particular importance is maneuvering speed: the maximum airspeed allowing full flight control inputs without exceeding structural load limits. Maneuvering speed establishes an important boundary […]

what is dead reckoning in aviation

What Is Dead Reckoning In Aviation?

When it comes to precise navigation, it’s a no-can-do for pilots if they are to ensure safe departure and arrival at their destination. Presently, there are different methods that help aviators in performing this function. Pilotage and dead reckoning help aviators to continually determine a flight’s location. While pilotage uses visual references, dead reckoning makes […]