what is private aircraft management

What is Private Aircraft Management?

Owning a private aircraft allows for the ultimate experience in luxury, freedom and convenience in terms of safety, speed, and comfort when traveling domestically or internationally. However, while flying privately removes constraints like commercial schedules and security lines, it also introduces potentially taxing responsibilities that come with aircraft ownership. Keeping up with regulations, managing records, […]

how to buy a private jet

How to Buy a Private Jet: Charting Your Course

For many, the desire to own a private jet and cruise the skies in comfort and luxury is almost palpable. Coupled with privacy, you get to have personalized trips while resting comfortably in your custom-made JetBed. Owning a private jet truly frees you from the restrictions of commercial travel and opens up a world of […]

how many flights does a pilot do a day

How Many Flights Does A Pilot Do A Day

The job of an airline pilot is unlike any other profession, both inside and outside of the aviation industry. Due to the unique nature of flight operations and safety regulations, a pilot’s schedule and duties are distributed much differently compared to your standard 9-5 work day! With that in mind, today, we’ll delve into the […]

average runaway length

Average Runway Length: A Key Factor For Any Successful Private Flight

Flying a private jet can sometimes be as luxurious as being flown in it. Flying private has an allure for the pilots and passengers alike. However, while going on these wonderful trips, there are a couple of things that must be considered by a pilot. Such as: type of aircraft, its fuel capacity, flight routes, […]

food on private jets

The Ultimate Guide to Food on Private Jets

Traveling with a private jet has to be one of the most convenient and luxurious modes of transportation available right now. From the speed of travel, ease, convenience and privacy, you can never go wrong flying in a private jet. There’s also the added benefit of being able to sleep comfortably, in none other than […]

plane fuel costs

Private Plane Fuel Costs: Fuel Budgeting Made Easy

Flying with a private jet is a sign of the luxurious and lavish comfort that comes with wealth and prestige. The world of private jet travel offers a safe zone where luxury, convenience, safety, and comfort converge seamlessly. While private jets themselves come at a hefty price, the cost implications of owning a private plane […]

do private planes go through customs

Do Private Planes Go Through Customs?

Flying private has grown tremendously in popularity for international travel in recent years. The unique conveniences that private jets provide, such as non-stop point-to-point flights, flying directly into smaller airports near your destination, and the luxury amenities onboard, and of course the privacy make them an attractive option compared to commercial air travel. Private jets […]

benefits of sleeping with legs elevated

11 Benefits Of Sleeping With Legs Elevated

After a long day of standing or sitting and especially during travel, putting your feet up can feel amazing. While it may take conscious effort to elevate your legs when sleeping on the bed in a private jet, it can actually help you sleep better and reap a variety of health benefits! While it may […]

why is an airplane pressurized

Why is an Airplane Pressurized? What You Need to Know

When we fly on an airplane, there are countless mechanical processes and safety systems working diligently behind the scenes to ensure a smooth and pleasant journey. From the complex aerodynamic forces that allow massive jets to take wing, to the cutting-edge avionics maintaining precise navigation, modern airliners truly represent feats of modern engineering!  Among the […]

private jet manufacturers

10 Must-Know Private Jet Manufacturers

The private jet industry has taken off in recent years! An increasing number of high-net-worth individuals, businesses, and celebrities have begun opting for chartered flights over commercial airliners. Private jets offer passengers a level of luxury, privacy, convenience and comfort that is simply unparalleled when flying commercially. With schedules that can be customized on the […]