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13 Must-Attend Aviation Conferences 2024

The aviation industry is one of the most dynamic and rapidly changing sectors in the world. With new technologies, innovations and operational updates being continuously introduced, it can be challenging for professionals to keep themselves upskilled and remain at the cutting edge of modern practices. However, being a part of the best organizations in the aviation industry and staying updated on the latest developments–like Jetbed–is crucial for both individuals and organizations to hone their skills and stay competitive!

Attending specialized aviation conferences is an EXCELLENT way to learn about new trends, refresh one’s knowledge and network with leaders actively shaping the future of flight. These events bring together top minds working across diverse areas like aircraft maintenance, design, air traffic management and more. With 2024 almost halfway through, let’s look at some of the most important aviation conferences still left in the year. In this article, we cover 13 signature events that frequent flyers, technical crews and other professionals in this field should consider attending to enhance their learning and careers!

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Must-Attend Aviation Conferences 2024

13 Must-Visit Aviation Conferences 2024 

International Conference on Mechanical, Aeronautical and Automotive Engineering (ICMAAE)

Dates: April 24th-26th, 2024

Location:Miami, USA.

ICMAAE brings together engineering professionals, researchers, and industry leaders to share knowledge on the latest advancements. Attendees can learn about cutting-edge topics through educational sessions and networking. 

The 2024 conference will feature presentations and panel discussions focused on aerodynamics, flight control systems, composite materials, and related areas impacting aviation design and performance. It’s a valuable conference for staying up-to-date on innovations shaping the future of flight. 

14th Annual Civil Aircraft Industry International Forum 2024   

Dates: April 25-26, 2024

Location: Xian, China

This conference hosted in Xian brings together global aircraft manufacturers, suppliers, airlines and other stakeholders to explore partnership opportunities in China’s growing aviation market. 

The 2024 Forum will feature discussions on procurement trends, technology transfers, local production strategies and more. It is an important event for aerospace companies seeking to engage with Chinese aviation industry representatives.

CAPA Airline Leader Summit – Americas

Dates: May 9-10, 2024

Location: Calgary, Canada  

The CAPA Summit gathers top airline CEOs and industry leaders from North and South America to discuss dynamics shaping the regional aviation landscape. The 2024 event will provide insights on topics like sustainability goals, network strategies, regulatory developments and aircraft fleet planning. It is useful for senior aviation professionals to gain market intelligence and foster new partnerships. 

aviation conferences 2024 list

International Conference on Aerospace Engineering, Classification of Flying Vehicles and Flight Software (ICAECFLVFS) 

Date: May 15th-17th, 2024

Location: Denver, USA

This special event explores emerging sectors including electric aircraft, UAVs, vertical take-off vehicles, and private spaceflight. The 2024 event will give insights into these developing markets and their integration into the national airspace. 

Educational sessions will cover classification of novel aircraft types, software-defined radios, and certification of new flight systems. It’s an important conference for engineers, researchers, and pilots seeking awareness of advances at the forefront of aerospace.

ICAAASE 2024: International Conference on Advanced Aviation and Aerospace System Engineering

Dates: June 10-11, 2024  

Location: Tokyo, Japan

This academic conference is aimed at researchers and engineers working in fields related to aviation and aerospace technologies. It will provide a platform to present and discuss the latest research findings in areas such as computational fluid dynamics, flight control systems, aircraft design etc. through paper presentations, keynote talks and networking opportunities. Participation in this conference will help professionals keep up-to-date with advancements and facilitate potential collaborations.

CANSO Global ATM Summit 2024 and 28th AGM

Dates: June 11-13, 2024  

Location: Baku, Azerbaijan

The CANSO Summit, the largest global event for air traffic management, gathers leaders from regulators, ANSPs, and industry stakeholders. The 2024 conference features keynote presentations, panel discussions, and exhibits showcasing the latest in air traffic control concepts, technologies, and training methods. It’s a vital opportunity for professional development and networking for those involved in modernizing ATM systems worldwide.

ICAAT 2024: International Conference on Aviation and Air Transportation 

Dates: June 20-22, 2024

Location: Venice, Italy

The ICAAT conference focuses on strategies and technologies that can modernize national and global air transportation systems. It is an important event for professionals involved in air traffic management, aviation regulation and planning. The conference sessions will cover topics like airspace optimization, emerging navigation technologies, air traffic flow management and more. Participation enables experts to learn about innovations that can help enhance aviation safety, operations and sustainability. 

Indonesia Aero Summit 2024

Dates: July 2-3, 2024 

Location: Jakarta, Indonesia

The Summit aims to advance Indonesia’s aviation sector through knowledge sharing on modernizing infrastructure, developing tourism routes, and strengthening regional connectivity. The 2024 edition will include briefings on the country’s airport expansion plans, regulatory reforms and project financing mechanisms. It is relevant for stakeholders involved in Indonesia’s aviation development initiatives.

Central Asia Aviation Summit

Dates: September 12, 2024

Location: Tashkent, Uzbekistan 

The 2024 Summit convenes government and industry leaders from Central Asian countries to discuss developing air transport networks and advocating for regional aviation potential amidst growing regional air connectivity projects.

aviation conferences 2024 list

21st Asia Pacific Airline Training Summit (APATS 2024)

Dates: September 9-11, 2024

Location: Singapore  

APATS brings together leading airline training academies to highlight programs that develop safety cultures, leverage advanced training methods and address skill gaps with simulator technologies. The 2024 Summit will cover topics like pilot resources planning, optimizing cabin crew training and maintenance technician upskilling. It is relevant for aviation training managers to network, source ideas and identify collaboration avenues.

MRO Asia-Pacific   

Dates: September 24-26, 2024

Location: Singapore

As one of the largest MRO forums in Asia-Pacific, the event hosts exhibitions and seminars with industry experts addressing emerging aircraft maintenance needs, operational efficiency solutions, sustainable practices and engine/component overhauls. The 2024 conference is useful for airline technical teams, MRO centers and suppliers to benchmark innovations and find potential partners to support their growing fleets across the region.

World Aviation Festival 2024

Dates: October 8-10, 2024

Location: Amsterdam, Netherlands

One of the largest aerospace events globally, attracting senior industry representatives, exhibitors, speakers and sponsors. The 2024 Festival will host discussions around sustainability goals, airport designs, new airlines and disruptive technologies across commercial, general and business aviation. Participation in this Festival provides immense networking benefits and insights on industry transformational forces.

7th Annual Civil Aviation South East Asia Summit (CASEA 2024) 

Dates: November 26-27, 2024  

Location: Bangkok, Thailand

As air traffic volumes grow rapidly across Southeast Asian countries, the CASEA Summit facilitates cross-border knowledge exchange on modernizing air navigation facilities, meeting evolving airport infrastructure needs, and ensuring regulatory harmonization. The 2024 conference sessions will help stakeholders understand development plans across the 10-nation region and explore partnership potentials.

What aviation conferences will you be attending?

The conferences above are just a handful of the plethora of reputable and beneficial aviation conferences in the industry in 2024. So, if you are a business operator that enjoys the luxury and comfort of flying safely while resting on your JetBed, or a professional in the industry, there is a conference for you. So, now it’s time to decide which aviation conference meets your needs and provides the answers to the question of how you can benefit more in the industry.

Participating in one or more of these world-class conferences will give you in-depth knowledge to further your careers while supporting the growth of the global aviation industry.

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