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10 Must-Know Private Jet Manufacturers

The private jet industry has taken off in recent years! An increasing number of high-net-worth individuals, businesses, and celebrities have begun opting for chartered flights over commercial airliners. Private jets offer passengers a level of luxury, privacy, convenience and comfort that is simply unparalleled when flying commercially. With schedules that can be customized on the fly and cabins outfitted with amenities like spacious seating, onboard lounges and even bedrooms, it’s no wonder the private aviation sector has seen tremendous growth.  

This boom in private air travel has also corresponded with a rise in the number of aircraft manufacturers entering this competitive market. Today, there are thousands of private jets circulating the skies worldwide from industry stalwarts like Gulfstream and Bombardier. As well as newcomers hoping to make their mark. With so many options available, choosing the right aircraft can seem daunting. However, learning about the leading manufacturers of private jets can help passengers cut through the noise to find the plane that best suits their needs and travel preferences.  

In this post, we will highlight some of our favorite and highly-respected private jet manufacturers that have established reputations for crafting reliable, high-performing and luxurious aircraft. By understanding each manufacturer’s history and specialties, you can feel confident selecting a aircraft well-equipped to provide the unparalleled experience of private air travel. Then, you can purchase the corresponding Jetbed–the most comfortable way to fly! See options below!

So without further ado, here’s our round-up of private jet manufacturers worth knowing!

10 must know private jet manufacturers

10 Private Jet Manufacturers 

Bombardier Aerospace  

Bombardier Aerospace, based in Montreal, Canada, has been a leading aircraft manufacturer in the world for over 100 years! They are renowned for their widebody business aircraft, producing models like the Learjet, Challenger, and Global series jets. Their flagship Bombardier Global 7500 aircraft is one of the most technically advanced and largest business jets available today, offering an umatched flight experience–check it out here!

With over 100 years in the aviation sector, Bombardier enjoys immense credibility and has delivered over 5,000 aircraft. Their best-selling planes include the Challenger 350 super-midsize business jet and the Challanger 650. Powered by reliable Pratt & Whitney engines, Bombardier jets offer unmatched performance for owners seeking enriched travels!

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Gulfstream Aerospace 

Savannah, Georgia-based Gulfstream Aerospace is famous worldwide for manufacturing super-midsize, large-cabin, and ultra-long-range corporate jets. Popular models are the G280, G550, G650, and flagship G700 aircraft. 

Gulfstream leads the way with cutting-edge cabin innovations to enhance the passenger experience such as advanced cabin management systems, ultra-high-speed connectivity, and modern interior suites. Over 3,000 Gulfstream aircraft are currently in service globally. The G650ER can fly up to 7,500 nm, making it ideal for non-stop ultra-long haul ranges flights. 

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Dassault Aviation

Dassault Aviation has been crafting aircraft since the late 1940s in France and is renowned for its expertise in manufacturing business jets as well as military aircraft like the Mirage series. Models include the midsize Falcon 2000S and large-cabin flagship Falcon 8X trijet

Known for spectacular performance, reliability, and pioneering safety technologies, Dassault sets the gold standard across cabins, connectivity, and efficiency. More than 2,000 Dassault business jets have safely accumulated over 100 million flight hours to date! 

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Pilatus Aircraft  

Pilatus Aircraft of Switzerland is renowned among owner pilots for capable single-engine PC-12 and PC-24 jets. Flying inland routes with their high-wing turboprops offers efficiency, while the new PC-24 brings next-level cabin amenities.

With a legacy spanning eight decades delivering professional solutions, Pilatus holds ISO certifications ensuring consistent quality. Their renowned support maintains aircraft residual values supporting businesses and families with flexible air transport needs domestically.

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Textron Aviation

Textron Aviation is a leading general and business aviation manufacturer headquartered in Kansas. It was formed by the merger of Cessna Aircraft and Beechcraft corporations. Best known models are the Cessna Citation business jets and Beechcraft King Air turboprop lines. 

Textron is one of the largest aircraft manufacturers in the world with popular jets like the Citation Latitude super-midsize and Citation Longitude large-cabin aircraft. With over 28,000 aircraft delivered, Textron Aviation aims to transform business and general aviation.

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Embraer, based in Brazil, ranks among the top three manufacturers of commercial jets up to 150 seats and manufactures versatile Phenom and Legacy business jets. With over 1,800 aircraft delivered, the Phenom 300 light jet and Legacy 450/500 midsize jets are proven performers. 

Embraer employs cutting-edge manufacturing techniques and established Aviation Safety and Customer Support networks to ensure aircraft reliability and value. Their eco-efficient jets fly most North American or South American routes easily on a single tank, ideal for entrepreneurs and small corporations.

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Boeing Business Jets  

Boeing Business Jets (BBJ) based in Texas is a global leader in large cabin and VIP aircraft. As the jet aircraft division of Boeing Commercial Airplanes, they customize and outfit Boeing’s commercial passenger aircraft for private use. 

Popular models include the 737/747/767 BBJ variants that offer expansive cabins, advanced amenities, and intercontinental ranges of over 10,000 km thanks to robust Boeing engineering. Their aircraft offer head of state-levels of comfort and are considered orbital executive airliners due to ample space for multiple meeting or lounging areas.

Airbus Corporate Jets 

Airbus Corporate Jets is the exclusive provider of ACJ (Airbus Corporate Jets) aircraft which are customized derivatives of Airbus’ popular A330, A319, A320 and A318 airliners. Headquartered in Toulouse, France, ACJ caters to heads of state, corporations and VVIPs worldwide with innovative cabin concepts in six variants like the ACJ319 and ACJ320 twins. 

Aircraft range tops at over 15,000 km, ensuring direct transatlantic or transpacific reach in ultra-luxurious bespoke settings. Over 70 Airbus Corporate Jets are currently operational globally, delivering peak performance. 

Hawker Beechcraft

Originally Beechcraft and later Hawker Beechcraft, the company has manufactured iconic light-medium aircraft since the 1930s. Known models under the Beechcraft legacy brand include the King Air line of versatile turboprops and premier business jets such as the Hawker 400XP and 850XP. 

While the company went through ownership changes and bankruptcy, investors China National Aviation Holding Group purchased assets in 2013. Beechcraft Corporation continues the enduring legacy with an acclaimed trainer, piston engine and jets like the Denali turboprop.

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French manufacturer Daher has been producing general and business aircraft including the innovative Socata and Quest series piston engine and turboprop aircraft since 1927. Key models are the TBM 930 turboprop, all-metal pressurized Kodiak 100 and new Kodiak electric vertical takeoff and landing aircraft. 

Daher leverages aviation expertise, robust customer support networks and precision composites manufacturing to deliver high performing eco-friendly aircraft at optimum economics especially for regional missions. Over 10,000 aircraft and 1,000 aerospace structures have been delivered by Daher worldwide.

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The aviation industry is rich with dynamic private jet manufacturers. 

As interest grows in the private jets market, learning about aircraft types and manufacturers becomes more important. These top jet manufacturers have shaped corporate aviation for decades by remaining focused on innovation, safety, and comfort. 

With new technologies and sustainably powered aircraft on the horizon, we can expect more and more world-class business jets and services. If you’re looking to charter flights, be sure to learn more about the different types of private jets available and their benefits by checking out this post on types of private jets. With industry-leading OEMs, the future of private air travel is truly limitless.

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