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6 General Aviation Aircraft Leasing Companies

There are three types of aircraft: commercial, military, and general. If you are interested in owning a private jet for regular use, you’re in the category of general aviation. A category utilized strictly for civil purposes. 

There are over 200,000 general aviation aircraft in the country, but not every frequent flier owns their own jet. When you lease a private jet, the aircraft is owned by a leasing company. For a monthly cost, leasing companies make their jets available to get their customers from point A to point B with ease. At times, leasing an aircraft is more practical for the customer, depending on the aircraft’s intended use and the customer’s financial standing. 

Leasing is much cheaper than buying, and customers don’t have to deal with regular aviation expenses like pilot and crew salaries, insurance, and fuel. Nor go into debt for the convenience of a private jet. Plus, if your needs change in the future, you can simply terminate your lease when the time is up. No need to find a buyer. 

If leasing an aircraft seems like the right choice for you, here are 6 general aviation aircraft leasing companies with excellent reputations:

General Aviation Aircraft Leasing Companies

6 General Aviation Aircraft Leasing Companies


NetJets is the world’s largest and oldest private jet leasing company. They lease to nearly 7,000 customers worldwide and are a highly-esteemed company in the world of aviation. The monthly cost of a NetJet lease includes the regular monthly charge, in addition to a few additional related fees. 

The management fee takes care of indirect jet ownership costs like hangar space and pilot salaries. The occupied hourly fee is incurred while in air to cover factors such as fuel, consumption, maintenance, landing fees, and cleaning. And finally, there is a fuel variable cost that adjusts based on factors like weather or runway conditions.  

Unlike other general aviation aircraft leasing companies, with NetJets there are no position costs and no minimum flight charges. What really sets NetJets apart from the rest, however, is their huge staff which is truly dedicated to providing jet operators with a quality experience every time. 


FlexJet is a private jet leasing company that allows you to fly domestically or internationally, which can be a real game-changer. They even have long-range jets available for those that frequently take global trips. Their fee structure is unique because it allows customers to purchase the exact number of hours they need, providing significant savings if budget jet ownership is a priority. 

They have the usual monthly management fee, an hourly in-flight fee, and a fuel component adjustment fee, in addition to the lease payment. In return, customers can choose between seven aircraft styles to suit their upcoming trip as well as several other conveniences. But if that wasn’t enough, the last unique aspect of FlexJet is the ability to book a flight in as little as ten hours of advance notice. 

Dynamic Jet Lease

Dynamic Jet Lease is another popular private jet leasing company. They do not publicly list their pricing, but they likely have a similar fee structure as the others, including a monthly fee, a management fee, an occupied hourly rate, and added fuel charges. 

This leasing company sets themselves apart by providing a dedicated flight crew, quick turnaround, a huge service area, all-inclusive maintenance, and a complementary first flight. There are four aircraft to choose from that hold between 8-14 passengers depending on your needs. 

General aviation leasing companies

Nicholas Air

At Nicholas Air, private jet leasing is set in 12-month terms with locked in rates. A standard contract includes around 100 annual hours. In addition to an occupied hourly fee that covers the operations of that specific flight. Outside of those two charges, there are no additional expenses or asset management. Insurance, fuel, and pilots are all included in the monthly cost. 

Nicholas Air has a one hour daily minimum and guaranteed flight availability for 355 days out of the year. They have six jets to choose from in their regional aircraft fleet, which occupy 5-9 passengers and offer varied ranges.

Sky Revery

The private jet leasing company Sky Revery serves a unique client base. They fill a lot of holes in other private jet leasing companies by specializing in customers who need to leave 2-3 hours from request, fly over 40 hours per month, or fly to destinations that are far from usual service areas. 

Customers pay a simple monthly charge with a few additional fees for flight performance, VIP terminals, lounges, catering, de-icing, and other add-ons. Sky Revery has a large fleet of aircraft that seat between 4-150 passengers. In fact, it’s one of the few jet companies on this list that offer such large general aviation aircraft. 

The Private Jet Company

The Private Jet Company is for people who charter more than 100 hours per year and would rather avoid ownership liability. The monthly lease payment covers pilot salaries, maintenance, and insurance customers can fly anywhere in the world. If you feel you have unique needs, The Private Jet Company will work on a personalized lease for you. 

If aircraft ownership is on your wishlist, this leasing company also allows you to work a purchase option into your lease. This way, part of your monthly payment goes toward buying your own private jet.

List of General aviation leasing companies
Leasing a private jet is a smart choice for customers who need the convenience of an aircraft without the financial burden. 

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